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If you don’t already know, my name is Theresa and that cute guy standing next to me is Greg, my wonderful husband and second shooter. We currently live in Orange County, CA with our daughter Makenna Grace and corgi, Sheldon. My passion for photography began in 2007, as a fun date out with Greg. Little did we know that, that date would spark a passion that I am lucky enough to call a career. Outside of photography, I love to travel and take every opportunity I can to explore. Some of my favorite adventures so far have been Colorado, Yosemite, Washington, D.C. and Disneyworld! I am also a self-proclaimed nerd who is in love with Doctor Who and Harry Potter. 



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fun facts

About Theresa

I love corgis.
The 10th doctor is my favorite.
The sorting hat has deemed me a Ravenclaw.
If I won the lottery I would go to school for the rest of my life (hence Ravenclaw).
I am addicted to diet Dr. Pepper.
I am obsessed with the color mint, but not the green shade, the one that is more teal.
I binge watch on Netflix while I edit.
My heart is set on wanderlust and adventure.
I love Disneyland!
My goal is to be the Leslie Knope of photography

why i photograph weddings

I love photography—every photographer does—there is somethings so awe-inspiring about creating art through stills. However, if I just loved the craft, I could photography anything and be happy. I photography weddings for more than just my love of the craft; I photograph weddings because I believe in marriage. My favorite part of every wedding I photograph is the ceremony, that moment where it is no longer “I,” rather, it becomes “us”. I believe in marriage and believe it should be celebrated and eternalized through artfully crafted images. Marriage is the greatest journey two souls can embark on, marriage requires sacrifice, commitment and devotion. Marriage is powerful and marriage deserves to be preserved through artful imagery.   

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